Armor Characteristics


The armor’s defense adds a Setback Die (Black Die) equal to the rating directly to the attacker’s pool. This reflects the armor’s ability to deflect damage away from the user’s body.


Soak is added to the target’s Brawn and subtracted from any incoming damage suffered. if an attack causes 10 damage, for example, a soak of 2 plus a Brawn of 2 reduces the damage by 4 to a total of 6.


Each armor set has a listed encumbrance. This is the encumbrance value of the item when carried. However, armor is designed to be worn, and when worn, its encumbrance value decreased. Reduce the encumbrance value of all armor by 3 when worn.


Adverse Environment Gear
Armored Clothing
Heavy Battle Armor
Heavy Clothing
Personal Deflector Shield
Padded Armor


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