Damage and Critical Injury


Damage is a very simple thing in Edge of the Empire, you hit your target, and you deal damage, how much damage you do determines how many successes you get on your check.

For example, Stuvek shoots a Trandoshan with a Blaster Pistol, Stuvek rolls and gets four Successes, since one Success is required to hit the character, this means that he subtracts one Success from the overall damage, because this is counted as the damage you would first get if you actually hit the character. He now has three other successes, which means he does an additional three points of damage,

Advantages can provide a character with a Critical Injury, or allow a special property of the weapon to occur. Most weapons have between three or four Advantages in order to have this happen. Lightsabers are the only weapon to have only one Advantage in order to inflict a Critical Injury or activate an ability of the weapon.

Critical Injuries

For Critical Injuries, using the traditional Edge of the Empire mechanic, one would roll a d100, look at the Critical Injury chart, and determine your character (or ship’s) critical injury. However, since Edge of the Empire combat is meant to be streamlined, fast and flowing combat. This d100 mechanic makes it very tough to keep that going, including if the person is learning the system.
Therefore, I have found a mechanic which a Galaxy Master uses to quickly resolve the critical injuries in a fast and easy way using a d10 and cards. There is a stack of cards which are divided into ship critical injuries and character critical injuries. Here is the process:

  • Roll 1d10 and add +1 per Critical Injury
  • 1-8 is the white side of these cards
  • 9+ is the dark side of these cards
  • Pick a card randomly from the top of the deck
  • Read aloud the Critical Injury

Easy as that! Here is a link to the Critical Cards which this Galaxy Master did up. He is the developer of the Wordpress.com blog Triumph & Despair.

Damage and Critical Injury

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