Defense and Soak


Defense, or Defense Rating if one wants to quote the book, factors how difficult it is to hit a character without range (I will add in the Range modifiers for the ranged weapons later in this page). Typically, this is used when you are wearing armor, this will help deflect damage from a character. Also, this may be used when a character is in cover. When you have a Defense Rating, you roll the Black Dice, or Setback Dice equal to your Defense Rating. So, if your Defense Rating is 2, then it will be 2 Setback Dice you roll. Setback Dice do not immediately cancel out a Bonus die!

Multiple effects of Defense do not stack, meaning if you are behind cover, you would use the cover’s Defense Rating of 3 over your Defense Rating of 2, it would not become 5.

Range Modifiers

Luckily, in Star Wars Edge of the Empire, determining how these different ranges work is pretty easy. The farther out you shoot a blaster, the harder it is to hit the target, for each Range Category that one exceeds, the number of Difficulty Dice that he uses goes up by one.


This is primarily used for melee attacks, this is when you are adjacent to the target. Engaged is a Sub-Category of Short Ranged, if one would like to think of it as such.

Short Range

This indicates that the two characters are close to the character where two people can talk comfortably without raising their voice. This only requires one maneuver, and it is an Easy (1 Difficulty Die) to shoot a person from this distance.

Medium Range

Typically, when a character is not close, it will fall into medium range. Most of the time, a character will have to talk loudly. Moving from short range to medium range takes some physical exertion, and therefore only requires one maneuver. It is a Moderate (2 Difficulty Dice) difficulty to hit somebody at this distance.

Long Range

Long Range is more than several dozen meters, and it is tough to shoot somebody at this range would be extremely tough. Therefore, this makes a Long-Range shot a Hard (3 Difficulty Dice) difficulty to shoot somebody from this distance.

Extreme Range

This is the end of how far this can go, it requires somebody who is an expert sniper, or a character with something that can even reach out to this range. The difficulty dice are vary from Very Hard (4 Difficulty Dice) to Formidable (5 Difficulty Dice). It would depend on how far the target was from the character himself.

Use this link if you want to play around with the mechanics. For a human who is trained in Ranged (Light), it will be two Yellow Dice (Proficiency Dice), for a Character that has some training in Ranged (Light) they will have 1 Green Die (Ability Dice) and 1 Yellow Die (Proficiency Dice). For a character just starting out with Ranged (Light), he would use 2 Green Dice (Ability Dice).

The Difficulty Dice are Purple.


Soak is typically used by Armor and Personal Shields. Soak allows damage not to do as much damage to a character. In Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons, it is identical to DR.

Your Brawn rating adds to your Soak Value (with or without armor).


Defense and Soak

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