Item Qualities and Weapon Qualities

Item Qualities

Item Qualities are slightly different from Weapon Characteristics because, while they deal with Advantages, you do not need to hit the weapon’s Critical Rating in order to activate these Item Qualities.

There are two types of Item Characteristics, Passive and Active, Passive can be activated with an Advantage, Active has to be activated so many advantages based on the Quality.

These Item Qualities are listed below:

Accurate Passive
Auto-Fire Active
Breach Passive
Burn Active
Blast Active
Concussive Active
Cortosis Passive
Cumbersome Passive
Defensive Passive
Deflection Passive
Disorient Non-Talent Active
Ensnare Active
Guided Active
Knockdown Non-Talent Active
Inaccurate Passive
Inferior Passive
Ion Passive
Limited Ammo Passive
Linked Active
Pierce Passive
Prepare Passive
Slow-Firing Passive
Stun Active
Stun Damage Passive
Sunder Active
Superior Passive
Tractor Passive
Vicious Passive

Weapon Qualities

Weapon Skill Used
Weapon Base Damage
Weapon Range
Weapon Critical Rating
Weapon Encumbrance
Weapon Hard Points (HP)
Weapon Price
Weapon Rarity
Weapon Special

Item Qualities and Weapon Qualities

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