Recruit Specialization



Due to AGE OF REBELLION’S focus on the Galactic Civil War, most groups of PCs find themselves embroiled in conflict very quickly. Against a force like the Empire, any form of military training can mean the difference between life and death. While the Alliance isn’t as organized or regimented as the Empire, they do try to give a decent number of their members some form of combat training. This training helps to enhance the Rebels’ chance not only to survive in combat but to fight effectively to achieve their goals.


The Recruit gains additional Career skills, but does not gain any free-experience skills:

Athletics. Discipline, Survival, Vigilance

Recruit Talent Tree

Use the Talent List to look up more descriptive definitions of these Talents. You can have any of the 5 XP ones, everything else has to be connected with something, hence the name ‘Tree’.


Recruit Specialization

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